HI MY NAME IS LEE MINION I first found the benefits of massage after taking part in week long training courses with my Japanese Karate instructors...


Back Pain Although people acquire back pain in various ways, sudden trauma, degeneration of muscle or disc...


General Treatments Have the treatment which suits your needs. You can target specific areas, e.g. shoulders, arms, back, neck, hips, legs or address 'after-ache'


Aches and Pains Many people become injured over time, this could have something to do with their daily routine or work conditions.


Chloe - Derby TRM reduced my injury time by half and in the process helped to develop my range of movement. As a martial artist and a triathlete ..


 E.S. - Littleover, Derby. For years I have suffered back pain and sciatica at work as a health professional.  I decided to try T.R.M.  My back, neck and shoulders have improved greatly.


M.F -  Littleover - Derby I was recommended to Lee years ago. Together with his professional and friendly attitude, Lee has the ability to tailor the treatments to suit my needs.


W.P. - Chellaston, Derby. I found his service excellent, he took time to listen and understand your circumstances, you were made to feel relaxed and at ease. He has a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful treatment area.


PD - Derby I came to Lee because I'd suffered with a back complaint related to playing football.  Lee worked on the locked joint and together with advice on exercises to keep it free, the injury cleared up quickly. I now visit Lee monthly to prevent any repetition.



Due to the Corona Virus I will be closed until further notice.

I hope you all stay well and safe and hope to see you in the not too distant future.

Best wishes, Lee.


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Do you at the moment or have you ever suffered from...

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Aches and Pains in the Legs and or Hips.
  • Suffer from Stress or that general feeling of Tension and Tiredness...
Please read on, this site could well help you on the road to recovery.

Not everyone gets an injury through sudden trauma, i.e. Whip lash from a car accident, a clash on the football field, or a sports injury in other activities. Many people become injured over time, this could have something to do with their daily routine or work conditions. These conditions tend to sneak up on people, until something gives and then they become more obvious.

T.R.M provides massage treatments based in Mickleover Derby, to suit the individual.  Whether they suffer from stress and tension, have a bad back, have some type of injury. I can provide Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Stress Massage and Therapeutic treatments for people who would just like to unwind and relax.

Over the last few years I have successfully treated more people for conditions relating to their life style situations than any other. That says lot about the pressures of modern life when you consider that I also work in the sporting industry.

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So  why  have  massage  and  what  are  the  benefits ?

Whether you are an active sports person, or someone with a hectic life style, our bodies endure a great deal, normally without much complaint. But there are times when we need to take time out, unwind and address those signals from our bodies that we've put on hold.

As well as being greatly beneficial for relief from aches and pains, massage will improve circulation and aid injury recovery time by prompting the body's self-healing mechanisms. Massage also helps to remove toxins from the body, thus reducing pain and the onset or general feeling of fatigue, this in turn will promote a sense of well-being.

Regular treatment helps re-balance the bodies systems to maintain a healthy life style, detecting the minor problems can often prevent the major ones occurring.

My  Clients

My Client base consists of people from all walks of life, from Martial Artists, Tri-athletes, Swimmers, Dancers, Actors, Runners, Tennis Players, Body Builders, Footballers through to Builders, Plumbers, Office Workers, Hairdressers, Shop workers, Doctors, Midwives and other Professional people who's daily routines cause stress to their bodies.

Some people have treatments because of injury either through work or play, while others have treatments on a regular basis for maintenance because they appreciate the benefits gained, knowing that prevention is better than cure.

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